How to Earn Money online From Like App in 2020 this apps like showbox

How to earn money online using like app in 2020

How to Earn Money online using Like App

 Like app is a very popular app, we will know here in Hindi that in 2020 Like App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye, we will also know what is like like app and how to use it.

 Like app is a social platform, if you run Tiktok, there is also a similar app, you can share videos and images on the Likee app as well, saying that you can withdraw some pocket money.

App like showbox

 What is Like App

 Like app free short video is creating application and it runs in iOS and android.  This app is from Singapore and was created by bigo technology in July 2017.

 In this app you can give special effects like 4D Magic and Dynamic Sticker in your video.  The name of this app was previously Like, later changes were made to its spelling and now its name is Like.

 This application has been downloaded more than 350 million worldwide and is sixth in downloading.

 In the same way that you make short entertaining video in Tiktok, you can edit your video in this app in the same way.  Here you get a lot of features like super power effect etc.

 Like app has gained so much publicity in a very short time and very quickly that many Bollywood actors like Shahid Kapoor, Disha Patani, Sonakshi Sinha, Arjun Kapoor, Sapna Choudhary, etc. have accounts on this platform.

 As much popularity as Tiktok gained, so did the app like in the mobile of people, because with the entertainment on the like app, some money can also be earned.

 How to Earn Money using Like App

 With the Like app, we can make money in five ways, first by going live, second by getting a gift, third by participating in the contest, fourth by making videos above #tag and fifth sponsorship or by promoting your own product service.

 1. Earn Money on Like app to do live streaming 

 When you broadcast live on like app, your friends or other users give you a gift, these gifts are some stickers that your fans offer to you by buying and you sell these stickers back on the like app itself.  Can make

 There are some criteria to broadcast live on like app which is given below. If you meet this criteria then you can broadcast live on like app.

  •  For a live broadcast, you must be 16 or older.
  •  You have made 3 or more original short videos on like before.
  •  You have not broken any policy likee app in the last 30 days.
  •  Likee app has 1000 or even more fans.
  •  You have completed 35 levels on the Likee app.

 If you are running on likee app as per the rules mentioned above, then you are eligible to broadcast live.

 2. Earn money by participating in Like India contest.

 Like App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye - The next way to earn money from this app is that you can participate in the contest and you have to make a viral video.

 To participate in the Contest, you open the dashboard of your like app, then click on the message and then click above the contest.

 And then you can participate in the contest by clicking on Go, but here you have to make a video according to the contest and also select the hashtag correctly and give a cover title and then publish the video.  .

 From time to time, the contest is organized many times from likee India, if you win in this contest or even in the top-10, then you get a lot of expensive gifts.

 3.Like earn money by participating in #tag challenge on app.

 You may have seen many videos on the Likee app using #tag below, this #tag makes us understand what is the topic of this video, what is mentioned in this video

 Many big companies put their product on the #tag Likee app related to that product when it is launched, if you make the first video on top of that #tag and your video gets more and more likes and comments then  The company pays you in the form of gifts or dollars.

 You can get 50 or $ 100 as a gift from that company or you can get some good product from that company as a gift.

 It is not necessary that if someone has made a video on that #tag, then you can not make it, you can also make it is important that your video gets maximum likes and comments.

 Like App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

 Now you must be thinking that when a product of a company is launched and what #tag is put on that product and how do you get the information first of all, then we are giving this information below.

 Like app New #tag kaise pata kare?

 To find out what has been put on behalf of the new #tag company like Like app, search by writing like India page, this page will appear in front of you.

 Now on this page you will see a lot of hashtag, the hashtag at the top here is the same and on top of that you have to create and upload your video.

 4. Earned money from brand sponsorship.

 Like you earn money through sponsorship on other social platform, you can also earn on like app.  If you have a good friend follower, then the company will sponsor you to promote your product.

 5. You can sell your own product on the Like app.

 On the Like app you can make a video on top of any of your products, for example if you sell a painting, you can make a tutorial video on the painting.

 If your video gets more and more views, then your product is likely to be sold accordingly.

 Note (How to Earn Money From Like App)

 If you go to any platform to earn online, then work should be put on a number there, earning money is a later thing, when you work hard there, people will slowly start recognizing you and your followers when thousands or  Then it will be in millions, after that you can think to earn money.

 And then you will really be able to earn money.  On the other hand, you will go to any platform and think about money in the beginning, then you will not be able to earn money anywhere, first of all, you have to work hard without worrying about the fruits.

 So through this post we learned like app se paise kaise kamaye and also know how to run such app kya hai.  Thank you