5G Network update 2020 And How much speed of 5G Network 2020

5G Kya Hai? What is 5g?  Coming to India - know everything How Much Speed of 5g Networks

What is 5G - The 5G network was commercially rolled out last year.  The 5G network in India is expected to start service by the end of this year.

The high speed 5G network was first commissioned in the US and South Korea, followed by a commercial roll out in China and many other European countries.

There are plans to bring the high speed 5G network to mainstream by the end of 2020.

What will be 5g network speed in india

The speed of 5G network in India will be 10 times higher than the 4G network at present, which means that it will be able to transfer data 10 times faster than 4G network.

Till now, the movie which took 25 to 30 minutes to download, will download the movie in just a few seconds.

Not only this, video calling of ultra HD quality will also be possible through 5G network, as well as strong connectivity will be available in smart devices.

In such a situation, through 5G network, your hours will be done in seconds and your time will be saved completely.

Fifth generation network i.e. 5G network will not only provide better connectivity but will make your lifestyle exciting and fast.

How 5G Works

The 5G Kya Hai - 5G network works exclusively on four types of technology NSA-5G i.e. Nanstand alone 5G, SA-5G i.e. standalone 5G, SUB-6 GHz and mmWave.

Through these four technologies, 5G network is connected to the user's device.

What is Nan-standalone 5G

Nan-standalone 5G is the basic 5G network band.  Initially, all network service providers provide users with a network based on this band.

And using the available infrastructure for 4G Lite, 5G is deployed.  Telecom companies use the same spectrum to test the network.

What is standalone 5g

The name of the Standalone 5G itself suggests that it does not rest on the previous infastructure.  The old 4G Lite network does not relish on this network band.

Standalone 5G works on its own cloud native network core.  This spectrum has been adopted in many other countries around the world and it is working there.

What is Sub-6 GHz 5g 

Sub-6 GHz is known as the need band 5G spectrum frequency.  And here the frequency of the network is less than 6GHz.

And it is used for low band telecommunications.  This network spectrum is used in China and many other countries.

What is 5g mmWave

mmWave is called high band 5G network frequency.  A frequency of more than 24GHz is used in this band, and there is even more bandwidth available on it.

If you talk about the speed of data, then the pay is 1Gb per second.  Many small and lower range cell phone towers are used to deploy it so that coverage can be completed.

What is dynamic network sharing

Telecom companies use dynamic network sharing to upgrade the network from 4G to 5G, and this technology is possible only with the NSA 5G spectrum.

Because 5G network uses two radio frequency simultaneously.  And the speed of data becomes even more fast, so the device is able to access the network even faster than 4G Lite.

Sub-6 GHz frequency What is the advantage that this frequency maintains 5G network connectivity by penetrating any solid object like building mall etc.

And in such a situation, we get network connectivity even inside the building or mall.

What is When will 5G come to India 5G network

The 5G network in India can be rolled out by the end of this year i.e. by the end of 2020.  The telecom company is preparing its network infrastructure for this.

jio 5g and Airtel say that they have started developing 5G ready infrastructure i.e. these two companies are preparing their network for non standalone 5G.

They say that as soon as 5G spectrum is allocated in India, they will start providing 5G with 4G light to the user using dynamic sharing technology.

And everyone will get network connectivity along with radio frequency.

So we have gone here 5g kya hai, how does it work, what is 5g network speed, 5g network in india launching date, hope your questions will be answered if you have any questions or suggestions, then do comment below