New feature of whatsapp | now you can use fingerprint lock facility on whatsapp

Whatsapp fingerprint lock for android 2019 update

 Till now WhatsApp fingerprintt locking facility was only on ios platform but recently WhatsApp has also given fingerprint locking facility in android phone.  For this, first you will update your whatsapp by going to the play store

 how to enable fingerprint lock

 So how to take advantage of this feature, let's see in our WhatsApp settings.

 Will open WhatsApp in your Android phone.

 Clic on the triple dot in the top right side

 Here you will see 5 options

 1. new group

 2. new broadcast

 3. WhatsApp web

 4. starred massage

 5. Settings

 Here you have to click on the fifth option settings

 After clicking on settings, click on the account option at the top here.

 The account settings will open as soon as you click on the account option.  Now here you have to click on the privacy option at the top.

 Then the privacy page will open in front of you.

 Whatsapp fingerprint lock for android 2019

 Now in this page you have to come down to the bottom right here, the bottom option will be fingerprint lock

 And below it will be written Disable, then you have to click on it.  Then the page of this way will open in front of you, it will be written above with unlock fingerprint and there will be a small button in front of it, by clicking above this button, fingerprint lock is to be turned on.

 When you start fingerprint lock, you will be asked to place a finger on your mobile fingerprint sensor, you will keep the finger and WhatsApp will detect it and then the feature of locking WhatsApp with fingerprint will be turned on in your android.

 Here you will see three options

 1. immediately

 2. after 1mint

 3. after 30 mints

 Whatsapp fingerprint lock for android 2019

 Now if you tick the first option immediately, then the way you close WhatsApp will be locked.

 The second option will tickmark after 1 mint, then WhatsApp will lock after 1 minute of closing.

 And the third option will tick the mark after 30 mints, then after 30 minutes of closing WhatsApp, your WhatsApp will be locked.

 So here we will adjust to you that you immediately tick the mark so that the way you close WhatsApp will be locked and in that case your WhatsApp will be completely safe.

 Hope you have understood the information, if you still have any questions or suggestions, then please comment below, I will reply.  Thank you