How to Make money from YouTube || How to start own YouTube Channel || Earn money from YouTube

How to Earn money from youtube
Best and easiest way to earn money from home.

Before making a channel on YouTube, I would like to give you some suggestions.  The first is that you do not create a YouTube channel from your old email, create a new fresh email and create a YouTube channel from that.

Secondly, whatever you keep your YouTube name, it is best if the same name is on your other social media accounts as well.

 It happens that later on when your subscriber will become in lakhs, then you will try to find YouTube by name on every social media accounts.

 Earn money from youtube

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The most important thing here is that whenever you create your YouTube channel, do not tell it to your friends until 100 subscriber are completed on that channel.

 As soon as 100 subscriber is completed, apply for the custome URL of that channel.  Because before you, if someone from another channel has created a custome URL for your channel's name, then you will never get that URL, then you will have to chenge your channel name.

 How to make money from youtube

 In addition to creating a YouTube channel, whatever name you have given to your YouTube channel, apply the same name to the custome URL of the Facebook page, apply the URL of Instagram and apply the URL to the twitter.  Apply the URL of all your social media accounts with the same name because for example if someone else has created the URL of your YouTube channel name on the Facebook page, then you do not apply the URL on the Facebook page by that name.  Will get

 Earn money from youtube

 Now in the last I would like to give you a suggestion and that is that you should read YouTube's policy well and understand it before making YouTube channel.

 For this, you can read their policy by visiting YouTube's site or search on YouTube itself, you will find many videos on this topic because if you make a channel without knowing YouTube's policy and work for a few months or some years  Also, but due to lack of knowledge of the policy, the minor mistakes that will be made due to your channel delet can also be done, your years of hard work can be wasted.

 How to make money on youtube

 Hopefully you have understood the above information, so now you can make your new YouTube channel by watching the above video.  If you still have any question or suggestion, then coment below, I will definitely reply to it.  Thank you

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