How To Earn money from Tik Tok || How to earn money on Tiktok

How to Earn Money using TikTok Full Details and Explaination

Today, millions of people are searching that TikTok Se Paise Kaise Kamaye, do you want to know how to earn money from TikTok App, then read this article completely.

How Much We can earn from Tik Tok
(Tik tok me kitne paise milte hai)

 You must have seen that there are many popular Tiktoker whose lifestyle is changing slowly and if someone has a car, someone has a flat, then where are these big ticketers coming from lakhs of rupees.

 So in this article we will know in full detail how people earn money from Tik Tok

 You are earning lakhs of rupees from this and what you need to do for it, what is your eligibility, how much should your follower on tick talk be to earn lakhs of rupees over tick talk.

How to earn Money From Tik Tok

 How to earn money from tik tok in hindi - Some time ago there used to be an application on the Play Store, which was named musically this application became quite popular and later it was renamed musically as TikTok.

 Earlier, there used to be a live streaming feature on musically but after renaming the app the name of Tiktok was also changed to Live Live from this feature.

 With this Go Live feature, a TikToker earns the most money, in addition to this, there are many more features to earn money on Tick Talk, which we will talk about below, first TikTok Pe Go Live feature se paise kaise kamaye will talk about it.

 1. How to earn money using TikTok Go live feature.

 tik tok par live video kaise banaye - You must have at least 1000 followers to earn money by streaming live via TikTok Pay Go Live, only then you will be able to take advantage of this feature, and be able to do live streaming.

 During live streaming, your phone and the video you like, they offer you some coins, and when you have a lot of coins collected, you make money by selling the same coins on tick talk.

 These coins are bought by your follower Tick Talk and you are gifted, then you sell that coin to Tiktok itself, then the order of buying and selling it runs on Tick Talk and the creators make money through these coins.

 Sometimes your followers like your video so much that they buy diamonds from the tick talk itself through the coins purchased from Tick Talk and offer you these diamonds are sold very expensive and in this way you earn more and more  It happens.

 You can redeem the coins and diamonds offered by your followers whenever you want, there is a maximum limit of $ 1000 to redeem in 1 day.  Now we will talk about how to make money through brand partnership and influencer marketing on TikTok.

 2. How to earn money from brand partnership and influencer marketing on TikTok.

 Just like you are more popular on Instagram, some brands and companies contact you to promote your product, in the same way they are also on tick talk.

 As soon as you are famous on Tick Talk, you come in the eyes of different brands and companies and they contact you, and offer you to do brand partnership through influencer promotion.

 If your followers are in thousands or millions and your videos are getting more and more hearts, then you can have many brands, not one or two contacts.

 To make money from brand partnerships, you have to promote the products of those companies in your video, as you do on YouTube, you have to promote a product in the same way.

 And in return, you get a lot of money from those companies, but keep in mind that when your followers will be in the thousands or millions, then these companies will contact you.

 When promoting a product of any company in your video, you have to show in such a way that you are not promoting the product forcefully, but that product is good, so you are telling about it that your follower should look like this.

 When your followers are more and more like on your video, then you do not have to go to the door of any company, they come to you on their own and get their product promoted.

 So above we learned how to make money from TikTok on brand partnership and influencer marketing, now we will know further, how to make money by participating on TikTok brand sponsored event.

 3. How to earn money by participating on TikTok Pay brand sponsored event.

 Off platform means that many times companies do stage programs somewhere and call big TikTok Creator there.  According to your topic, if you are musician on TikTok, then you can be asked to sing a song.

 Or you can be asked to do some program on whatever subject you are on TikTok and for this you get a lot of money.

 TikTok Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

 Apart from this, there are many other ways to earn money from Tiktok, read below for information about TikTok Se Paise Kaise Kamaye below.  But remember, for this you must have a good follower.

 4. We can Merchandise on TikTok and earn money

 On TikTok you can create your own Shopify e-commerce store and sell your merchandise if you have a strong hold on Tick Talk.

 You can spend some time here becoming a good marketer and creating a good brand.  Here you can sell t-shirt, bands, bracelet as per people's choice.

 Keep in mind that your friend followers do not come to see the content you are selling, you have to sell your content in such a way so that people do not feel that you have come to sell only on tick talk.

 If you give a little more commission to any company whose product you are selling, then it will make more and more companies join you.

 Apart from this, you can also give some discount on your product, so it increases your chances of selling your product and your earnings also start increasing.

 5. How to make money with TikTok Pay Gifts

 The next way to earn money in the chapter of TikTok Se Paise Kaise Kamaye is how to earn money with TikTok Pay Gifts.

 If you have too many friend followers on TikTok, you are popular on Tick Talk, then companies keep sending you something as a gift.

 So that in future you will be ready to sell the products of those companies and those companies try to show that you are special for them.

 Now we will read about the last method of TikTok Se Paise Kaise Kamaye and that way is by cross promoting with other social networks.

 In this way you can send traffic to other social platform account through your Tick Talk, you must have seen that a successful TikTok Creator also has a YouTube channel and also has an account on Instagram.

 Along with this, Twitter has an account on Facebook and also on many social media platforms and they also increase followers on their other accounts through Tick Talk.

 You will create an account on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, tutor and other social media accounts with the same name as Tick Talk, then in a way your brand is created and through Tick Talk in your other social media account  Followers also grow rapidly.

 If you succeed on Tick Talk, then you try to find your followers on your other social media accounts by the same name, and if you have not created an account on other social media platforms with that name, then whatever  Someone else is made and they continue to benefit.

 In such a situation, you should have an account on every social media platform with the same name and if it is popular on one platform, it should be benefited on more platforms.


 One thing we should always keep in mind is that we should not think of going to any platform to earn money, first we have to work some day there so that the developer of that platform feels that we are a good creator.  When you become popular there, then money starts coming on your own.

 So we went here TikTok what is and how to earn money using TikTok I hope you have found the answer to your question, if you still have any question or suggestion then do comment below.