how to connect mobile to tv? | how to connect mobile to tv wireless

how to connect mobile to tv without cable screen cast without cable.

 connect mobile to tv

 Here we will know how to run everything running in our mobiles in LED TV connect mobile to tv

 mobile ko tv se connect kaise kare

 By connecting our mobile to the TV, we will play all the things in the mobile whether it is video or the message will be seen on the big screen in your TV and we will try to tell that in less detail.

 Here we will know that YouTube video Tiktok video Facebook video or any other video playing in our mobile or whatever we play in our mobile will play in our LED TV.

 If you watch video on youtube or you own a youtube

 And if you want to watch Youtube Video playing in your mobile on your LED TV, then it is very easy.  Read this article to know the complete process.

 To play Youtube video playing in your mobile, you only have to process for 10 seconds and your mobile gets connected to your TV.


 Then whatever you do in mobile, it will play in TV, either play Youtube's video or do any work, all the work will be in your TV.

 It is possible to Mobile to Tv?

 To connect mobile to TV, we have to take help of a device and this device is named Anycast Device and we get this device on Amazon or Flipcart.

 We will first put Anycast in TV and then connect Anycast to mobile via Wi-Fi, and then everything going on in our mobile is visible in our TV.

 What is the whole process of connecting mobile to TV?

 First of all we will put anycast in HDMI 1 port of our LED TV.  And there is another plug connected to anycast which gives power to anycast, that too will be plugged into the TV's power plug (see picture no 1 below)

connect mobile to tv

 Now there is a small button in anycast (see picture number 2 above), it has to be pressed once, once you press, the screen of your TV will start to look like this (see picture below)

 Now we have to make some settings in our mobile, go to your mobile settings.  An option will appear in the settings connected device is to click on it (see Figure A below).

anycast dongle

 After clicking on the connected devices another page will come up and here you have to click on connection preference (see picture B above) then the page will be changed again and now in this page you will get an option of Cast.  (See picture C above)

 Then you have to click above Cast.  Then the page of Cast will be opened in front of you, Cast will be written above and written below no nearby devicese were found (see picture D above)

how to connect phone to tv wirelessly

 Now you have to click on the triple dot in the top right side, then a small popup will come in front of you and there will be a small box in that popup with a tick mark by clicking on it (see picture E above)

 After ticking, wifi has to be turned on in your mobile.  After turning on WiFi, there is a small button above anycast on the TV, that button has to be pressed once.

 As soon as you press the button in anycast, your TV screen will start to appear in this way (see picture below)

anycast device

 The TV will be written by waiting for confirmation and will be connected to your mobile TV in a few seconds.

 To watch a video on this subject, watch the video below.  In this video, it is practically shown that connect mobile to TV, by connecting mobile to TV, by which you will be able to easily connect your mobile to TV.

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