Earn money online at home with Jio 2020

Earn money online from sitting at home with Jio POS Lite App.  Jio Offer 2020 

Earn money using Jio

 Earn money from home using jio pos liye app

 Jio has given us a good opportunity to earn money in the event of LOCKDOWN. Jio POS Lite App Se Ghar Baithe Paise Kamaye, or you can also call it Jio Offer 2020. Read this post to know this process.

 What is Jio POS Lite App?

 Right now not only India but people from all over the world are inside their homes in Lockdown and are not going to do any jobs and companies are also closed, then Reliance jio has brought us a great opportunity to spend our pocket money.

 Till now you used to get your jio no recharge either from the shop or from a mobile app or from my jio application, but you did not get any extra benefit in it.

 Now jio has launched an application called jio POS Lite App. It will benefit us that we will add all the money in it, for example if you add ₹ 100 to it then it will be 100 to 104.6 because it has 4  Point 6% commission is given for adding money.

 You can recharge your jio or any other jio number with these added money.  If you have a shop, you can take good advantage by recharging people by putting a board or banner to recharge Jio number.

 Keep in mind that in this application you have to add ₹ 1000 for the first time, after that you can add 100, 200, 500 any amount.

 How to Earn money from home using Jio POS lite app

 For this, first click on this link and download the Jio POS Lite application.  Open it after downloading.

 After opening the app, it will be ask for some permission from you than it has to be opened and then here you have to create an account by entering your own Jio mobile Number.

 To create an account, you have to click on the sign up in the bottom right side, then enter the email id and the jio number that is in your mobile and then click on generate OTP below.

 On clicking generate OTP, an OTP will come to your same live number, by putting that OTP and then clicking on validate OTP.

 Once you click on validate OTP and it will ask for permission from you media, you have to allow it.  And then a second page will appear in front of you, your full name will appear here, the name by which you bought that jio sim.

 There will be an option under your name, choose your work location, you have to click on it, as soon as you click, it will take you to the map, here Jio POS Lite App will ask for permission for your location.

 If the map open will appear in front of you, your location will appear there, then you have to grab your location and drag it to the location of Jio and leave it.  By doing this, Jio will be able to access your location.

 Matching the location, Jio will access your location and will return to the previous page.  Now here under your name, your location's ID will appear and below that two small boxes will appear, clicking on which you have to tick.

 After ticking, click on the top of continue, as soon as you click on continue, it will take you to another page and on this page you have to click on the bottom of Done and then the process of creating your account will be completed.

 jio pos se ghar baithe paise kamaye

 After creating an account, you have to login to Jio POS Lite App, for that you created an account by clicking on sign up in the bottom right side, but now you have to sign in by clicking above sign in on the left side.

 Clicking on sign in will take you to another page, where you have to enter the same life number you signed up with and then click below Generate OTP.

 On clicking generate OTP, an OTP will appear on your same life number, after inserting it, click on validate OTP below.

 Clicking on validate OTP will take you to another page, now here you have to create an M Pin, this Mpin will have to be inserted whenever you recharge.

 To make MPIN, you will put a 4 digit MPIN above it, then confirm it below and then click on the setup just below.

 Your MPin will be set as soon as you click on setup setup and with this you will come to the home page of this application.

 Now on the home page of this application, triple DAS will appear in the top left side, a lot of options will come up as you click on it.

 In this option, by clicking on the first option Load money, you will be able to add money to it, the second option is Recharge, by clicking on it you will be able to recharge your jio number or someone else's jio number.

 The next option will be change mpin, if you want to change your MPIN, you can change the MPIN anytime by clicking on it.

 The option after this will be forgotten Mpin, that means if you forget your MPIN, you will be able to recreate MPIN by clicking here.

 The next option will be of my customers, that means you will be able to see the details of whatever jio recharge will be done by clicking on this option.

 And at the bottom, you will get another option by clicking on my earning, you will be able to check your earning money.

 jio pos lite me paise kaise add kare

 To load money in jio POS Lite app, just like you open this application, you will get the option of Load money on the home page itself, you can add money by clicking here.

 Or if you click in the top left side, like I said above, there will be many options out of which you can add money by clicking above Load money.

 Click on Load money, you will get the option to fill the amount.  Like I said above, for the first time you have to add at least ₹ 1000, then next time you can add 100, 200, 500 as much as you want.

 As you fill the amount, the commission will appear at the bottom along with your amount.  For example, if you fill ₹ 1000, then Rs 1041.66 will appear below.

 That is, your commission was 41 rupees 66 paise.  Accordingly, all the money you add will get your commission along with it.

 As you click on the process below the amount, you will come to another page and you will get many options to pay here like debit / ATM card, net banking, credit card, jio money, Paytm etc.

 You can add money to jio POS Lite App by clicking on any option you want to pay and you can earn money sitting at home.

 Earn Money online from home

 jio POS Se Recharge Kaise Kare As soon as you open the application for it, you will get the option of recharge in the top left side on the home page or you can also go to the option of recharge by clicking on triple DAS in the top left side.

 After clicking on the recharge option, you will enter your live number or the life number of someone else and click on submit above.

 On clicking submit, you will see all the plans of jio which appear in my jio app, you will choose your plan from here and then click above Buy below.

 You will be asked for the 4 digit MPIN you created as soon as you click on Buy, after inserting the MPIN, click on the process below.

 By clicking on the process, your recharge will be successful and the amount of money that you recharged will be deducted from your jio POS Lite app.


 The thing to note is that you can only recharge with the money added to the jio POS Lite App and cannot take any work.

 So we learned here Jio POS Lite App Se Ghar Baithe Paise Kamaye and Jio POS Lite Me Paise Kaise Add Kare, hope this information will be very beneficial for you.

 If you have any question or suggestion related to this post How to earn money using Jio POS app, and how to recharge using Jio POS Lite App, then please comment below, we will review it.
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